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Sushi Head Chef

S3 30s Male Sushi Head Chef
  • Worked as Kaiseki Chef in NADAMAN, Japan for 7 years
  • Worked as Sushi Chef in SUSHI DEN, Newyork for 5 years
  • Worked as Sushi Head Chef in China
  • Worked as Sushi Head Chef at ZUMA in Dubai
  • Worked as Sushi Head Chef at HIDE YAMAMOTO in Singapore

Washoku Executive Chef

W4 30s Male Washoku chef Executive chef English : Fluent

Currently lives in Thailand. Worked as sous-chef and head chef at a Japanese restaurant in Australia. He has received multiple awards for both his restaurants and his own work. He has a wide range of skills from traditional Japanese cuisine to sushi and French fusion style. He is fluent in English.

Fine Dining Executive Chef

F3 20s Male Fine dining chef Executive chef English (Conversation)

After 11 years of experience in kaiseki cuisine and kappo in Japan, he worked at Fine Dining in Dubai. After that, he moved to Russia and established a fine dining restaurant which is belongs to Novikov Group, a major local fine dining group. After about two years, he got the sales on track and now he runs a small-scale kaiseki restaurant in Japan.

Why we have extensive
Japanese Chef database?

Because we specialize in Japanese Chef only.
With our strong network in Japan,
we are able to find chefs across Japan
and overseas from junior to senior.
Please read 5 reasons why you should
choose us for hiring Japanese Chef



We are not your time waster

Are you concerned about how to assess Chef's Skill? We have Japanese Chef as our advisor, Kawasaki, who is awarded as Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambasador by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Japan.
With his supervision, we are filtering candidate and introduce quality candidates only


Flat Rate

Simple is the best

Unlike other agency charging xx% of annual salary, we prefer to be simple so we adopt flat rate, Chef's salary does not affect your payment



We do culture/personality matching too

Even if it is a good chef in Japan, it does not mean a good chef for your restaurant.
There are many factors if a chef perform well or not at your restaurant.
We ask you about your team, environment, culture and see if a Chef is suitable.
We strongly believe it is valuable to lead to successful hiring



Our network is largest in Local Japan

We have extensive network and database to find candidates, if you have any doubt, you can ask us to provide masked candidates list with your requirement. We will prepare it for your consideration even before you sign up with our service.



We provide full support

Are you not sure what salary package you should prepare for Japanese Chef? Let us help you!
We can help to decide what you should offer to find Japanese Chef.
It is one of the key for successful hiring as Chef will look into your offer first befor proceeding application

Naoya Kawasaki


Advisor, Kawasaki

He is professional Japanese Chef with more than 10 years experience in Japan and then joined Sushi Oribe in Malaysia in 2015 and become Master Chef in 2018.

Sushi Oribe is one of the best and Well-known Omakase restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

He is appointed as Japanese Food’s Goodwill Ambassador by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Japan.

Sushi Oribe


Kaoru Obana


Moved into Malaysia since 2013, Held position such as Director of Japanese trading company, Operation manager for the Japanese F&B company, General Manager of new store development for the Japanese hair salon.
Joined ‘Washoku Agent’ at March 2020.

Duncan Joshua Dennis

Global Sales Executive

Born and raised in Malaysia. He is trained as a Corporate Trainer and Financial Analyst. Duncan's previously held positions include Regional Financial Manager, Director of Human Resources and Head of Financial and Auditing team. Joined Washoku Agent as Global Sales Executive in September 2021

Case Study

  • Age : 47
  • Sushi Chef
  • Experiences in working Overseas
  • Executive chef at Michelin starred Sushi restaurant

Career change!

Hong Kong

Executive Chef at Sushi Omakase

  • Age : 29
  • Japanese Cuisine Chef
  • Experiences in working Overseas
  • Experiences with working in start-up modern Japanese restaurants at Overseas

Career change!

Dubai UAE

Start-up new Japanese restaurant

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