Our Mission

Washoku Agent Inc. ,owned by a worldwide sushi restaurant group, was founded to introduce Japanese washoku chefs to the world.
We couldn’t agree more that a good quality and experienced chef is one of the important elements of a successful restaurant.
From our professional perspective and successful skills in running business within the Japanese Food (Washoku) field, we’re able to suggest good quality yet experienced chefs for your restaurant.

Why you should choose us?

Good quality and experienced candidates are selected carefully by our professional recruitment agent

  • We’ve interviewed all the candidates before we suggest to you.
  • We’ve strong connections to cooking schools, famous Japanese food suppliers and etc.
  • We held seminars for the candidates.

Example of Successful Recruitments

32 years old /man / Sushi chef / single / Hong Kong
He used work in famous sushi restaurant in Ginza, Japan. He has enough experiences in working overseas. He is able to communicate well in a English, as he has studied and worked in overseas. Due to his professional skills and language skills were good enough, so he decided to work in a restaurant located in Hong Kong 1 month after his first interview.
27 years old/ man/ Washoku-chef/single/ Malaysia
He was graduated from a professional cooking school and….years. Previously he has never been to overseas before, but after he had went once to Canada with work and holiday visa, he made up his mind that he wants to work in overseas. He has decided to work in Malaysia for his next career.
47 years old /man/sushi chef/ marriaged but no child/ Thailand
He has experienced in working as head chef in one of the Michelin sushi restaurant in overseas for quite a long time. So he has decided to work in Thailand after that, because his wife is from Thailand. We’ve introduced him to a position as a head chef.

Our price

No Initial cost is needed
No extra charges for creating a specified job description, or interview with any candidates.
Recruitment consulting fees are 25% of annual income

The process for searching a suitable chef:
Hearing the job details of vacant position
Please share the job details , and requirements of your vacant position to us.
The making of recruitment information page
After hearing the information of job details, we’ll prepare the job description together with a recruiting web page.
Share the details and Information with candidates who registered with us
We’ll publish the recruiting web page and we suggest to share more details or information about your restaurant, so that the candidates can get to know more about your restaurant.
Internal Interview
We’ll choose and interview the suitable candidates for your restaurant.
Setting Up an Online Interview between You and The Selected Candidates
We’ll set up an online interview for you and the selected candidates. In this step, our agent will join the interview to ensure the interview goes on smoothly.
Setting Up a Face-To-Face interview with the selected candidates
We’ll set up a face-to-face interview for you and the selected candidates.
Decide to Hire
We’ll charge the recruitment fees after you’ve decide to hire any of the candidates. There will be applicable *Terms & Conditions*.

If you have any question, feel free to contact us via the form below.